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PSLE MATHS New Syllabus

PSLE Maths in written based on the latest PSLE format for Mathematics. It is specially published to help Primary 6 pupils prepare for the PSLE.

This book consists of two sections.The first section comprises questions which are written based on past year PSLE questions.The second section is a specimen examination paper written to simulate the actual PSLE.

Suggested answers and worked solutionns are provided to facillitate self-checking or marking by teachers and parents.

The aim of this series is to provide Primary 6 pupils with comprehensive revision and practice for their PSLE.

Learn About Addition & Subtraction K2

Give yor child a foundation in pre-primary  Math with our Learn About book:

Learn About Numbers (Nursery)

Learn About Shapes & Sizes (Nursery)

Learn About Measures(K1)

Learn About Counting & Adding (K1)

Learn About Addition & Subtraction (K2)

Learn About Arithmetic (K2)

Learn About Time (K2)

These books adapt a skill-based approach with a systematic progression to prepare children for primary education.Through interesting and challeging activities,children are taught to recognice numbers,shapes,sizes and measures,to count,add and subract numbers and to solve simple word problems.

Mathematics Challenging Problems P6

is part of a series of workbooks written according to the latest Mathematics Syllabus.

Each problem is specially written to help you develop certain mathematical concepts and thinking skills so that you can use them to solve other mathematical problems in your daily work.

The exercises in this workbook are designed to help you in problem-solving.They pay careful attention to the development and undestanding of mathematical concepts by presenting workings and worked solutions clearly.

Questions marked with asterisks (*) are more challeging, but you should be able to solve them with the mathematical concepts and thinking skills that you have already mastered. Worked solutions are provided for these challeging problems.

How to Improve Your Mathematics Primary 1

is a series of books specially compiled for primary pupils according to the latest Primary Mathematics syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education.

How to Improve Your Mathematics Primary 3

is a series of books specially compiled for primary pupils according to the latest Primary Mathematics syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education.

Each book contains graded exercises designed to help te pupil grasp the various mathematical concepts. The exercises allow the pupil to practise what has been taught in school.A wide variety of questions, including difficult ones,will challenge the pupil's mental capability.

In this way,each  book in the series serves as a supplementary workbook.The exercises are designed for pupils to work independently in class or at home.Parents,tutors and teachers can monitor their children's progress so that remedial work can be given before each examination in school.

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